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About our Courses

Supplement your lessons, or learn a new skill with one of our courses! Maybe you want to learn how to EQ an acoustic guitar? Maybe you want to improve your bass drum speed? Maybe you want to understand blues pentatonic scales? We have a course for you, so feel free to message us and we will send you our catalogue of courses to browse at your leisure and decide on which new skill you want to acquire! 

Short Courses

4 Weeks

Our short courses are designed and structured to teach you widely applicable, transferable musical and industry based skills in just four 45 minute workshop sessions. Each session includes an explanation of each of the subsets of skills making up the main skill, and how to apply each sub-skill in a multitude of different ways, with case studies and examples. Each session also has time for a quick Q and A just in case you would like more  information on a particular point.

Custom Courses

4 Weeks

Can't find the skill you're looking for? We will write a special course just for you, and workshop it like any other course. All you need to do is inquire and we will ask for a few details of what you would like to see in the course, and then once it is completed, we will be in touch about organising a regular workshop time for you.

All courses are held online, and information on what platform we will be using will be given to you once the course is running. All course materials are also available for purchase separately without taking the classes, if you prefer to learn at your own pace with no commitment to a schedule.        


Long Courses

6 Weeks

Our long courses are like their four week counter parts, but more intensive to take you to the next level. You will get more skills, hints, tips and tricks out of the longer courses to help you better understand the fundamental skill named in the course title.

Course Materials

All Publications

All of our published course materials are available to buy separately without being workshopped to you. This is for those that can't commit to a weekly workshop time slot, or those that prefer to learn at their own pace. We have a solution for everyone's preferred learning style!

Why do a course?

Not only are our courses written by top quality industry professionals with a wealth of knowledge and qualifications, but they are also delivered by those very same people! The skills you take away from the courses are skills to use for a lifetime; knowledge and techniques that you will never forget and use in your day to day musical life. When you enroll on a course, you will walk away with much more than just the title, but an arsenal of new skills to take into the studio, the office, the practice room, your writing space, wherever you work! If we don't have a course that has the skills you want, you can always request a custom course to get exactly what you want, so you are always guaranteed the best results for you! 

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