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Drum Setups and Tuning for Beginners




4 Weeks

About the Course

On this course you'll learn the fundamentals of setting up your drum kit properly, and the effects this has on your playing, your body and your overall sound. You will also learn the 'do's and do not's' of setting up your kit, and common pitfalls that will scuff your shells or damage your cymbals.

Week 1: Heading and tuning your new drums, tuning patterns and quick tips on maintaining your perfect sound.

Week 2: Mounting your hardware, setting up the kit properly for you, hardware maintenance and what each piece of hardware on the kit does.

Week 3: Kit positions, set up types and personal posture.

Week 4: What to avoid and why.

The course will start when a minimum of 4 people have booked on, and a notification email will be sent through to announce the start date.

Your Instructor

Tom Warner

Tom Warner

Tom is an accomplished musician and tutor with an extensive knowledge of rhythm and drumming. His Masters degree covered everything under the Psychology, Physiology and Neurology of drumming and rhythm, and its effects on the brain, body and mind.

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