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Mix Rescue Clinic




13 Dec 2022

About the Course

Bring your mixes in for a health-check!

Your productions deserve the best possible mix. But what if your best still isn't cutting it?

Take a close-up listen on our pro monitoring setup alongside experienced industry pro Tom Henthorn within a small group (no bigger than four).

We explore together the pitfalls of mixing and how your mix can be rescued! Mixes can be brought in as a bounced audio file or for a deeper dive you can fetch in your laptop.

13 Dec 2022

1 hr 45 min sessions

1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm.

Your Instructor

Tom Henthorn

Tom Henthorn

Tom's lessons are a masterclass in how to do production properly. With 19 years' experience as a professional producer, he has worked in iconic studios such as Yellow Arch Studios and Red Tape Studios. Currently senior producer at Make Noise Studios, he loves to share the knowledge and techniques that he knows work!

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