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Mixing & Mastering: Tools & Technique




6 Weeks

About the Course

A practical guide to audio toys!

As well as a general approach to mixing and mastering, you will learn how and why you would use:

  • EQ,

  • Compressors, gates, limiters and expanders,

  • Reverb,

  • Delay,

  • Mod effects (chorus, flanger, tremolo etc.),

  • Distortion,

…and how to apply these tools to specific instruments.

On the last day, we will look at the purpose and techniques of mastering:

  • Common mastering tools,

  • Producing release-ready audio files,

  • The loudness wars.


1 Nov - 6 Dec 2022

7pm - 8:45pm

Your Instructor

Tom Henthorn

Tom Henthorn

Tom's lessons are a masterclass in how to do production properly. With 19 years' experience as a professional producer, he has worked in iconic studios such as Yellow Arch Studios and Red Tape Studios. Currently senior producer at Make Noise Studios, he loves to share the knowledge and techniques that he knows work!

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