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Studio Production: Working with Artists




6 Weeks

About the Course

The engineer puts up the mics, routes the signal, sets level, and provides the headphone mixes.

So what’s left for the producer to do?

We cover the CREATIVE and logistical side of running a recording session:

  • Pre-production and dealing with artists,

  • Practical production techniques,

  • Anatomy of a modern production – what goes in?

  • Great productions through history,

  • Song structure and embellishments,

  • Current trends.

You will make a full track as a group. At the end, you can take away the stems to do what you like with (subject to permission).


13 Jun – 18 Jul 2023

5pm - 8:45pm

Your Instructor

Tom Henthorn

Tom Henthorn

Tom's lessons are a masterclass in how to do production properly. With 19 years' experience as a professional producer, he has worked in iconic studios such as Yellow Arch Studios and Red Tape Studios. Currently senior producer at Make Noise Studios, he loves to share the knowledge and techniques that he knows work!

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