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Understanding Drumming Rudiments 101




4 Weeks

About the Course

Learn about the fundamentals of drum rudiments. On the course you will learn:

- How they are written.

- How they are played.

- How to develop them.

- How they relate to each other.

- How to use them creatively around the kit.

Rudiments are the foundation of modern day drumming, and so mastering them is key to improving your abilities. Understanding the key differences, and what certain rudiments can be used for will also improve your understanding of how to apply them around the kit in a written or improvisational setting. By the end of the course you will:

- Be able to play all 40 of the Vic Firth Essential rudiments.

- Understand how to vary and invert rudiments to maximise the efficiency of your practice routine.

- Understand how and why they are written the way they are.

- Understand how they develop and evolve.

- Have a good understanding of how to apply them musically.

- Have improved chops and technique.

- Have improved as a musician.

The course will start when a minimum of 4 people have booked on, and a notification email will be sent through to announce the start date.

Your Instructor

Tom Warner

Tom Warner

Tom is an accomplished musician and tutor with an extensive knowledge of rhythm and drumming. His Masters degree covered everything under the Psychology, Physiology and Neurology of drumming and rhythm, and its effects on the brain, body and mind.

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