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meet our tutors│SHEFFIELD

Drums and Percussion

Tom Warner | Drum Tutor Sheffield

Tom has been teaching drums with us in Sheffield since lessons first began here at the studio in late 2012. He's taught hundreds of students in that time and has spent numerous hours developing his teaching space into a warm, relaxing, and welcoming environment for everyone, from beginners to professional drummers.

Guitar and Bass

Ewan Knight | guitar and bass Tutor Sheffield

Having completed his grading on the electric guitar at a young age, he has then gone on to study the classical guitar, bass and the piano along with completing the music theory grades. This knowledge is put into practice during the lessons, which will cover a large range of techniques both practical and theoretical, to help you become a well rounded musician.

Piano, Keys and Singing

Jemma Freese | Piano and singing tutor Sheffield

Jemma is a full-time musician/composer who plays keyboards/piano and vocals. She is an accomplished pianist and offers piano lessons here in Sheffield. She is a graduate of Leeds Conservatoire where she studied Pop Composition and Jazz vocals & graduated with First BA Honours and received The Directors Prize.

Music Tech and Production

Tom Henthorn | music tech and production tutor Sheffield

Tom's music tech and production lessons in Sheffield are a masterclass in how to do production properly. With 19 years of experience as a professional producer, he has worked in iconic studios such as Yellow Arch Studios and Red Tape Studios. Currently a senior producer at Make Noise Studios, he loves to share the knowledge and techniques that he knows work!

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