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Stress Relief Sessions

We take mental health very seriously, and it's important that everyone maintains a healthy mind and has an outlet for their stress. Our stress relief sessions are similar to our drum, guitar, bass, singing and piano lessons, but with less learning and more playing. There's no pressure to keep to a weekly schedule, no commitment to a time slot, and no need to overly plan, you can contact us on the of the session and book in if there is space.

1 to 1 Sessions

1 to 1 sessions involve mindfulness exercises, playing, and having fun. You will learn some instrumental parts and how to do them, and then just have fun with playing. 

Group Sessions

Group sessions can be done with friends, family, colleagues or total strangers, it's entirely up to you. If you want to bring someone along, that is absolutely fine by us. We can accommodate up 2 people in each session. The benefits of group sessions are vast, in that it can be more fun, more engaging, and less pressure if you are shy!

All of our tutors are fully DBS checked and have been playing in high stress environments for years, and are well suited to helping you to de-stress, and show you some tricks of the trade to help you in your day to day routines.

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